We Will Remember You Always


Through our e-mail list TGSD-L, started early in 1996, we have grown into a virtual community of people and German Shepherd dogs. Some of us have met at gatherings, training, shows and trials; others we know only through their posts to the list. But no matter what our association is, on the list we share our lives with the dogs.

Often we laugh, but there come times when one of the dogs has to follow its own path and crosses The Bridge.

Then, we grieve.

We share each other's sorrow because we all have lost dogs and have felt that desperate grief, not knowing how we'll face tomorrow. Our dogs of the past will always live in their peoples' hearts. To honour their lives and to keep their names in our memories we commemorate them here.


  Greif   Bev W.
  Halle   Chris & Cathy D.
  Hunter   Wendy V.
  KD   Bev W.
  Keena   Jim N.
  Kelly   Chris H.
  SallyAnn   Elli M.
  Tim   Linda S.
  Ashen   Christine K.
  Beowulf   Paul & Catherine
  Bingo   Virginia H.
  Bixie   Rita & Adrian
  Breena   Dee G.
  Daybreak   Mro & Liz
  Duende   Salle R.
  Jonn   Elli M.
  Killian   Pat S.
  Kobra   Molly G.
  Marcus   Richard & Anka
  Nikki   Dee G.
  Patch   Nancy R.
  Samson   Fred & Helen F.
  Ulla   Debra H.
  Ylsa   Chris & Tomas
  Asa   Rachel C.
  Benno   Dorit v.d.W.
  Cito   Teressa K.
  Dascha   Fran & Dick B.
  Gina   Peter & Flo P.
  Harko   Kathy & Mike M.
  Jaxx   Linda V.
  Niki   Dave & Margi E.
  Que   Janica T.
  Storm   Yvonne H.
  Tasha   Marsha B.
  Tori   Reg & Dave S.
  Varina   Peter & Flo P.
  Welly   Paul & Catherine
  Zeke   Molly G.
  Adra   Molly G.
  Balto   Isabel L.
  Becka   Yvonne H.
  Detroit   Nancy R.
  Fur   Jane S.
  Gaby   Kathy M.
  Hero   Sandy H.
  Ishta   Jane S.
  Ivan   Sami J.
  Nyka   Linda V.
  Rena   Bev W.
  Thorn   Christine K.
  Wiggie (Storm)   Virginia H.
  Yessi   Annie W.
  Ara   Kitty P.
  Cora   Julia P.
  Fax   Colleen N.
  Frost   Christine K.
  Jaxayn   Brandy BT
  Kala   Kerstin W.
  Kara   Jane S.
  Khan   Brandy BT
  Nitro   Bev W.
  Quinto   Colleen N.
  Tasha   Pat S.
  Abby   Julie N.
  Alf   Annie W.
  Argus   Fran & Dick B.
  Assam   Isabel L.
  Crockett   Melissa F.
  Degen   Dottie S.
  Donnar   Rachel C.
&nbs p Gennie   Elli M.
  Ike   Molly G.
  Jagger   Janice R.
  Komet   Chris & Cathy D.
  Kyrie   Brandy BT
  Sitka   Jane S.
  Zoey   Pat C.
  Arko   Richard & Anka
  Bella   Rhonda L.
  CB   Elli M.
  Cavalier   Colleen N.
  Chey   Mro & Liz
  Dax   Peter & Flo P.
  Hasso   Anka & Richard
  Hawk   Sami J.
  Luther   Susan S.
  Solo   Virginia H.
  Tasha   Jan M.
  Ulli   Salle R.
  Visa   Bev W.
  Delphi   Jane S.
  Logan   Reg & Dave S.
  Riker   Kitty P.
  Tyrone   Bev W.
  Cody   Pat C.
  Jago   Kathy & Mike M.
  Rosie   Sami J.
  Suki   Dorit v.d.W.
  Bobby   Sandy H.
  Ryker   Sami J.
  Sonja   Julia P.
  Fuzzy   Sandy H.
  Gracie   Jane S.
  Lizzie   Virginia H.
  Lara   Reg & Dave S.
  Viper   Kathy & Mike M.
  Madchen   Julie N.