Tribute To A German Shepherd Dog


Dear friend, you know as time goes by
your memory still draws nigh
I feel the whisper of your touch,
sometimes I hear you sigh.
I feel the cold-wet of your nose
as you brush against my hand
to let me know, however small,
I'm a part of that plan.
Your spirit - it still dwells with me
here on this great star,
although you've followed the rainbow
you haven't gone that far.

You're now above the thunder,
the lightning the rain.
I believe I see you smiling,
you're happy once again.
As there you wait so patiently
beside that special gate
your body whole and healthy
noble head aloft - so high with state.
Anticipating every form you see,
albeit far away,
to be the ones you left behind,
could it be them -- this very day?

Dear friend, just know you're missed
but only for a time
each memory that you gave to me,
comes quickly to my mind,
I thank you for your fearless love
to keep me from harm's way.
Each rainbow that I see
will remind me of that day
for at the end of that spectrum,
what's waiting there for me,
is a "loyal" friend I'll never forget,
a beautiful GSD.

C. Ruth Beall, vom Rubohaus Shepherds
Aug, 1997
In loving memory of Eagle Scout II, 1987-1996