Ulk von Eidson


May 29, 1993 - February 16, 2003

He came into my life after the tragic loss of my beloved OTIS.
He was everything and more to us. He traveled all over the US, as we were truck drivers. I retired in 2000 and he with me. My husband continued to drive cross country. He had an uncanny way of knowing that GL was on his way home and let me know.
In January of 2002 my husband had an accident, he fell off the truck while getting it ready for a load. Yukon stayed with him and licked his face till he came around and brought him to the front door. I could tell by his looks that we were in deep trouble. I knew that he had a brain injury. I called 911 and from there he spent several weeks in a coma. He came back to us (not 100%).
Yukon stayed by him and was his guardian the rest of his days (Yukon).
On Feb. 15 Yukon sneezed and was unable to get up.  We rushed him to the emergency clinic 30 miles away. He spent the night and the next day I received a call that I had to make a decision about him.  The Dr. could not give me any hope. There was severe spinal damage and his organs had started to shut down. We spent the better part of an hour trying to say good-bye and then he was gone.
He will forever be in our hearts and hardly a day goes by that I do not think of him.
He was protection trained and had his CD.
He was bred by Leslie Mc Dowell of Von Eidson Kennels in Walnut Grove Ca.

Margie Brewer