March 23, 1988 - ?
Disappeared February 19, 1994

Sierra was the beautiful creature responsible for my current love and devotion to the German Shepherd Dog. On that fateful day, she disappeared from my backyard, and my life, forever. Never knowing what happened to her will always weigh heavy upon my heart. I can only hope that she ended up with someone who loves her half as much as I do, because then I can believe that she is alright. If she left this world for a better place, I can only hope that it was quick, painless and peaceful.

In memory of my Sierra. My first dog. My first GSD. My teacher. My friend. Your presence will be missed, until we meet again.

-J. Adams

My Dog, Your Dog

-1997 by Jenny Adams for Sierra (1988-?)

What a lovely dog you got
from your local pound today.
A healthy German Shepherd Dog
who looks a bit like a stray.

Such a well-behaved female,
she comes with manners, too.
It is so exciting for you to learn
all the tricks that she can do.

What were her owners thinking
when they left this girl behind?
But you hesitate to complain,
for their loss is now your gain.

She needs a little cleaning up,
and a bit of meat on her bones.
But it won't take long at all
for her coat to shine as it once shone.

She's slowly learning to trust you
and look to you as her friend.
You slide into a comfortable routine
that makes you both quite content.

So happy you are
with the choice that you made.
It is I who is sad
as my hope starts to fade.

I look high and low,
over here and over there.
I search and I search,
but it's to no avail.

My dog, she was stolen
right from my backyard.
She was taken away from me,
and finding her is so hard.

Perhaps she ran off
from her captors that day.
But she was too far from home
and could not find her way.

One day she quit searching.
The pound picked her up.
Her life started over.
But I couldn't give up.

Her life is with you now.
She has become your pet.
She will be loyal and loving,
the best friend you've had yet.

But remember those tricks?
She learned them from me.
Her habits and manners,
we worked hard, you see.

You'll find she's not perfect.
But love her you will.
She can be so strong-headed,
but your life she will fill.

She eats twice a day
and she naps on the couch.
You will know she's done wrong
when she gives you the "slouch."

When her ears go straight up
she's heard something strange.
She'll warn you with barking
so go see what's in range.

The rest you will find out
all on your own.
Her personality is special
and uniquely hers alone.

I have one small request.
It's the last thing I'll say.
Please take good care of my girl.
She starts her new life today.