Orthus Anastasius


February 3, 1997 - October 28, 1997



A miracle occurred on the day you were born.
We watched in awe at your coming into the world.
Never have we witnessed a more wondrous sight.
You may have been with us for only a short time,
but, that time will never be forgotten.

You enjoyed life to the fullest and made the most of
your sweet, short life, and for that we will always
be grateful.
You taught us to enjoy what we have already got, and to not
dwell on what we haven't.
You gave us endless hours of fun and enjoyment,
in return we gave you the only thing we could,

"Gus", you will always be in our hearts,
and always in our memories.
So be still my beating heart,
"Gus" You will never be forgotten.

With Much Love
Peter and Lisa
(Mum & Dad)