Deva vom Haus Barlach, C.D.


September 7, 1987 - February 13, 1998

Deva died in our arms being loved as she was her whole life. We owed her the kindness of a peaceful death instead of making her linger in pain for days. She was a wonderful part of our family and she will be missed very badly. Deva and I were bestest buddies and I'll miss her company and tripping over her every night on my way to the bathroom. I can still picture her chasing the basketball in our yard and jumping into the pool. She was one of the smartest and prettiest German Shepherds ever to have been a part of our family. I'll miss that cold nose nudging my elbow to be petted and those bright eyes that smiled at me right to the end. There's a hole in my heart where she used to be which I know in time will heal, but she will always live in our memories and have a special place in our hearts. I look forward to the day when we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge and I can pet those soft ears and feel that wet tongue on my face. Goodbye, Deva. You were a wonderful friend.