"Cowboy" BH,TT,CGC (rescue)

? 1987 - September 9, 199

"You literally walked into my life one day. You were my dream dog... a dog that I fantasized about since childhood. You were my first GSD, and a perfect example of what the breed was all about. Your devotion to me was continuous. The bond that we shared was like no other that I had ever experienced. After a trial, a judge once commented to everyone about what a "true love affair" you and I had. You were always there to lick away my tears and stand strongly for me to hang on to. Oh, how I need you now to lick away my tears, and to hold me up now as I try to endure your loss. Everyone that ever met you or knew you loved you dearly. You had charisma. Now, everyone misses you dearly and I for one cannot wait to have you at my side again someday.

When I leave this world, I shall whistle and wait for you to come bounding to me as you once did here on Earth. Then, my pain will be gone as yours is now. I love you, my beloved Cowboy."