Baron "Von Dog"


May 16, 1977 - May 1, 1990


After my husband died, I moved to Northern Michigan and Baron became my constant companion. For the next 8 years, we became inseperable, I bought a Bronco Truck so he was able to go everywhere with me. He even began to read my thoughts and ideas before I mentioned them. I talked to him like another person and he always understood me. We grew old together and went through the same difficulties. We had a special friendship that not many people understood.

As the years passed, Baron developed Dysplasia and Arthritis in his hips. For awhile he was still able to go places with me, as I made ramps for him to get into the truck. But when the day came he could no longer make it up those ramps, was when we knew it was time. The vet came out to "his" truck and as I held him, this wonderful dog left our lives. It broke my heart, but I couldn't let him suffer. I lost a big part of my heart that day, and I know it can never be replaced by another. He was more than "just a dog", he was the very best friend anyone could have had.

-- M. Bookless